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About Juanita

Professionally, Juanita is a licensed Customs Broker and business owner. Although she has achieved many successes in the past as a businesswoman, her pearl of great price can be found in the fields of her 25 plus years of ministry.


She received her credentials in Christian teaching in 1990 and thereafter, spent the next 20 years studying a combination of theology, Christian education, culture and apologetics through various universities including the Oxford Christian School of Apologetics at Oxford University in Oxford, England.


She is the founder of Absolute Truth Ministries.  She is also the founder of, the Absolute Truth Network Radio that streams 24 hour Christian programming.   


She has traveled for the last 25 years teaching and preaching in prisons, churches and schools both on foreign and domestic soils. Some of her international travels include the nations of Singapore, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Haiti and Portugal.


She has authored several books including Memoirs of a Woman Scorned, Saved but Bound, What Happens after you Believe and Where is God?.


Her goal is simple. That is to provide teachings designed to give answers to questions removes barriers to belief in Jesus Christ and to serve in any other way that facilitates the drawing of men and women to Him.


Conferences, Retreats, Workshops, Radio or TV Appearances

Juanita is open to receive guest appearance or booking requests on behalf of churches, schools, radio, television or business audiences.  If interested, please refer to the contact info below and either call or email to provide the event details for consideration.


Requests for Counseling

Individuals who are interested in scheduling Christian Counseling with Juanita must submit request via email for consideration.  Those who are approved for Counseling must have internet capability and either a Skype account or other video chat feature such as Google Hangout or other video calling features which allow for face to face counseling.  Typical counseling requests include: premarital, marital, family, personal development/growth, and addictions. 


Specialty Workshops for Churches

Contact Juanita if you would like to schedule the following specialty workshops for your church or ministry group:


  • Reality of Evangelism

  • Cultural Evangelism

  • Discipleship for Leaders and Laity

  • Soul-Winning in the 21st Century

  • Empowerment Workshops











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