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Following God's call to become a Christian Missionary is a fulfilling pursuit in the Lord. However, a calling to the missions field requires more than just declaring that you want to be a missionary. Each mission field, missions agency and mission project will have its own special requirements. The person interested in mission work needs to prepare properly for serving the Lord long-term.


Missions Trip Opportunities and Field Training

People can be emotionally moved by a dynamic speaker. But an emotional feeling will only sustain someone in the field for a short time. A true calling by God on their life is what is necessary to keep a missionary in the field. Absolute Truth Ministries, in cooperation with LIMBS, prepares believers to clearly discern the call of missionary work on their lives and concretely prepares them for the realities of the life in the missions field, that the Lord may be glorified.


How does one know they have been called to mission work? First, there is an internal compelling desire to serve the Lord in some capacity. The person cannot deny that God is leading them, by the Holy Spirit, to perform a task. As we pursue the things God together, on one accord, those who choose to join the Absolute Truth family are encouraged to edified to seek their calling sincerely, with gratitude and powerful expectation. We await you...


Reality of Evangelism Bootcamp

We feel the best training for Evangelism occurrs in the field parentheses (i. e., Hands-on-Training). Join us for one of our Bootcamp Getaways where individuals participate in the only classroom training, but are also invited to participate in a real foreign missions experience which usually takes place in Kingston, Jamaica. For more information and an application, email:


Missions Training Materials (Audio Book Offers)

Jumpstart your training with ABC's of Foreign Missions and Evangelism. Author, Evangelist Juanita Price, shares out of her more than 20 years of experience in foreign missions, evangelism and prison ministry. The insights you will find in these pages are astonishing and can be used as instruction, motivation and a tool chest filled with wisdom that will aid in the conduct of a successful mission trip or Evangelistic effort abroad. The ABC's of Foreign Missions and Evangelism also provides practical tips on preparing for your trip.



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