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A recent study showed that 92% of New Years resolutions fail. Within these numbers, are those who want badly to succeed and have dedicated their minds, bodies, souls and finances to making their dreams a reality. But, year after year, nothing significant happens. Motivational speakers are saying the right things and are making a ton of money doing it. So why aren't all of our hard work and positive thinking working? Why does success seem to happen for some rather than others even though most are seemingly doing all of the right things; including copying the steps of those who are successful? There is an answer and it lies within you. "How to Reverse What is Blocking You" will shed a compelling light on this issue once and for all and those who read and put what they learn from the contents of this audio talk into practice, will take one giant step towards reversing the odds of success in their favor.

Are You Hardwired For Failure? (Audio MP3)

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