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Memoirs of a Woman Scorned takes a smelling salts walkthrough the lives of 5 women each representative of ourselves or at least one woman in our lives. Whether that woman is the quintessential "other woman", the abused woman, the "user-friendly woman", the woman who seeks to protect her heart and maintain the facade of sexual liberty by engaging in shameless one night stands and games of hard to get, or the woman who as a recurring theme, leaps before she looks, loves too hard, too fast and much longer than she should love Mr. Wrong, the author shines the light of reality, truth and consequences in areas with way too much scar tissue to hide with makeup. But best of all, she points the way to one redeeming quality each woman has access to no matter how deep her pain or far reaching her trail of broken relationships runs.

Memoirs of a Woman Scorned Ebook

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