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Whoever coined the phrase, "what you don't know can not hurt you", may have been more oblivious to pain than they were to ignorance. It is a medical fact that the sensation of pain is not only necessary, but often a sign that there is something wrong. If not addressed, it may lead to death. In the same manner, the bible warns of a death that results from ignorance of the truth. It is more common than we care to admit to find that there are many believers both new to the Christian faith and/or stunted in the infancy stages of their walk and knowledge who are falling away from the church and the faith. Why? Because of the absence of discipleship and the presence of unanswered questions (the critical ones). Many of them took the initial steps only. That is they confessed with their mouths and believed the initial message of Christ (death, burial, resurrection and the reason for it all) with their hearts. For many, the story ended here and no one knew what to do nor expect THE DAY AFTER. "

What Happens After You Believe?

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