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Having counseled many over the last 20 years, you can only imagine how many times someone has either insinuated or outright suggested that God simply does not exist. Understandably, many such individuals speak out of the loneliness of their anguish.  

In this tiny little book, Juanita Price, Author, Evangelist and Founder of Absolute Truth Radio (, sheds light on the notion of God’s hiddenness. She responds to the oft repeated questions and statements so many of us pose: “Why can’t I see him? Where is he? I would believe if he just gave me more evidence.”

If that’s not enough, she provides smelling salts to awaken us not just to the limitations of our own humanity in our quests to find or know God and our corresponding need for him; but also to our need for a revelation of what it means to be GOD.

Where is God? Ebook

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